Traveling Abroad to Europe Quick Tips

From my times traveling abroad, I have made some quick tips that I wish people told me. These tips are pretty general and can apply to any city you travel abroad.

  1. 1. Make sure you have some local cash

    I know credit cards are super easy to carry around and no one wants to lug around cash but it is essential. Depending on where you are going, some places don’t accept cards especially street vendors. Also in some large cities pickpocketing and stealing can be a big issue. (Ladies I would recommend using a cross body purse with a zipper and to also always keep your hand to cover your purse.) Make sure to not carry all your cash with you and keep some safe back at your hotel. If your money were to get stolen at least you will have some money in your room to help you get by.

  2. 2. Have a copy of your passport

    Make sure your passport is kept safe! They are your way back but sometimes things happen and they can get lost. If in the event of losing your passport somehow, it is best to have a copy kept safe.

  3. 3. Let your bank know

    A very good friend of mine made the mistake of not telling her bank that she was going abroad. When she tried to take money out at an ATM it swallowed her card and she had to depend on others throughout the whole trip. So make sure before you call your bank and let them know. Banks usually do this for security reasons, thinking some random person in a different country stole your card.

  4. 4. Bring a charger adapter

    A lot of people forget this but it is super important. Make sure you bring an adapter for your plug-ins. I personally have a one that accommodates to numerous countries and I got it off of Amazon. They are pretty cheap and very helpful to have.

  5. 5. Use public transportation

    In certain countries, public transportation is the easiest and cheapest way of getting around. You can easily avoid the hassle of traffic and trying to find a ride. Usually, large cities such as London and Paris have good public transportation systems to get around the city.

  6. 6. Try to find some holes in a wall

    The best places for food are not gonna be your run of the mill Mcdonalds or the superstar 5-star restaurant you saw on Kanye’s Instagram. The best places to get a good meal are usually small and local. They are much more authentic and a majority of the time is pretty darn good. I would stay away from getting food restaurants near touristy areas. The food there is usually made to accommodate tourists and aren’t truly authentic. By going out you can find pretty darn good food and get out of your comfort zone a little. Street food is always the best kind of food. It will take you out of your comfort zone and at a cheap cost.

  7. 7. Take a walk

    I know it is faster to get around via bus, metro, or car but you should try to take a nice stroll around the city. It is nice to just take a breather and enjoy the city and the people in it. This is how I found my favorite pizza spot in the whole entire world in London. Sadly, I can only taste the pizza in my dreams now. You can also observe others and their interactions amongst each other and learn more about the culture you are surrounded by.  Besides taking in the culture, sometimes walking can be the fastest way around. A quick walk can get you where you need to go.

  8. 8. Learn the language

    If you are going to a foreign country with a different language than you normally speak, learn some phrases. Believe me, it will come in handy and make people more welcoming. In some countries, people consider it rude if you expect them to know your language if you didn’t bother to get to know theirs. It’s fine if you aren’t that good people will be glad that you tried and may even switch to English for you to make it easier. Just always make an effort and try.

  9. 9. Know the culture

    Do some research! Make sure you know what is polite and correct before you jump in. It will help to prevent you from making a fool of yourself and other people not liking you.

  10. 10. Take photos of you!

    I cannot stress this enough! I made this mistake the first time I went abroad. I was too shy to take photos of myself so a majority of my photos were of just buildings. Yes, they were pretty but I wish I took more of myself. Don’t be afraid to be goofy in your photos too. Have some fun with it. Sure it is cool to have an Instagram worthy pic but just take photos of you being you. Those are always the best!

  11. 11. Don’t be afraid

    Explore, talk, laugh, and have some fun! This trip is about you and diving into a new culture. It’s okay if you get lost, those are the best stories. It’s okay to try to strike up a conversation with a local they always know the best places to eat. Don’t be afraid to go off track. You don’t have to stick to a schedule. You can always do something spontaneous and make the most out of your trip.

I hope these tips were helpful for your trip. I wish you happy and safe traveling!