Top Three Costume Ideas for Halloween 2017

Halloween is just around the corner. Everything about Halloween is special. The candy, the horror movies, the festivities, and what better to celebrate the spirit of all that then to dress in costume? Here are some of the trendiest Halloween costumes you'll see around this year.


Pennywise the Clown from "IT"

In a year of smash hit horror movies, 2017 found possibly the biggest blockbuster horror film in years with "IT". Engineered by a taste for children and the terminology of float to another level, this creepy killer clown costume will surely sell fast as well as any face-paint supplies nearby.


Wonder Woman

Girls everywhere should proudly look at this superhero as a genuine role model in the fictional realm of bad-asses. She's tough, smart, and sticks to her morals on protecting humanity at all costs. It's something anyone can look up to and can totally wear as a symbol or heroism and being a warrior. 



The most surprising and anticipated arrival into the marvel cinematic universe and following that up with a solo movie certainly helps the returning popularity of Spider-Man. A perfect costume based on the ideal of a teenager who has to balance his academic and social life with being a hero in his community and eventually for all mankind.