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Top 5 things to do on Halloween!!

Tis the season of late nights and fun activities with family and friends! Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re feeling a little stuck as to what to do this year, here are my top 5 things to do on Halloween!


#1: Go Trick or Treating

You’re never too old for trick or treating no matter what anyone says so grab some of your best friends and family and have a great time!!


#2: See a movie

I myself are completely terrified of scary movies but it’s the season for them right?! If you’re like me, maybe this is the year we face our fears and go see Halloween!! Or maybe stay in and see Nightmare Before Christmas instead! Whether you decide to go out to the movies or stay in and watch one, a movie night is always a great idea!

#3: Carve Pumpkins

Make a whole night out of it! Grab some food, invite some friends and carve away!! 


#4: Go to one of the scary theme parks

There’s quite a few for whatever level of scary you’re ready for! There’s Disneyland which isn’t scary, Six Flags which is mildly scary, Knott’s Scary Farm which is pretty scary and finally, Universal Studios which is completely frightening!!! Whichever you decide, I promise you and your friends will become much closer once you survive one of the horror nights together!

#5: Cook food & bake sweets with friends

This always turns out to be a fun and hilarious time when I do this with my friends. Putting all of our different culinary skill sets together to try and make something is always funny! Maybe you just bake some cookies or go all out and try to make a full meal together!

Happy Halloween everybody! I hope whatever you decide to do ends up being an amazing and fun night!!




Hey everyone! My name is Stephanie Joseph and I am sophomore communications/broadcast journalism major at the University of La Verne! I am also a self care blogger on the side! Feel free to click the link to check it out and subscribe if you love all things self care! https://www.steffiej.com/
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