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Three Rules To Help With Spring Break

As spring break comes around the corner so does the misfortune of spring break. As college students, it is nice to have a whole week off from school to have fun with people you care about. This same week can become a mistake and bring much misfortune instead of fun. These are things that a college student should not do during spring break.


     1. Leave school work to the last day of spring break or even a couple of hours before they are due.

The idea of having fun and leaving work to the last minute or even postponing it is a bad idea. Just sit down on the first couple days of spring break and just go through all your school work. My definition of school work is anything connecting to school that is due during your spring break or the first week after your spring break. If you do not have school work then you do not have this problem.

     2. Only hangout with friends or significant other or family.

This is another idea that seems completely foolproof. No man, it is not. Hangout with people you care about. Find some kind of balance between all the people you care about. This way no one feels left out and you don’t start regretting the fact you didn’t spend so much time with someone. You never know when something can happen that makes you regret that week. Be a professional and plan out days with all of the ones you care about and want to hangout with you as well. Don’t hangout with someone that does not care about you in anyway. You are wasting time with them that could be with people who want to be with you.


    3. Don’t do something that you know you will regret.

Do not go overboard with your drinking if you are 21 or older. This rule of not doing something you regret can be simplified to if you have a bad feeling about something just walk away form the situation.

I hope these three simple rules will help you with your spring break coming ahead. The most important thing other than having fun is being safe! Enjoy your whole week off!


I am an English major at the University of La Verne. I want to learn about the world and share to other about the world as well. I know what I want in life and strive to make my dreams come true.
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