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Sweet Spring Break

Calling all foodies!

If you’re still at a loss for plans with spring break just around the corner, I’ve got an idea for you. One thing you should know about me is that I am a major sweet tooth, and I love trying cool and unique dessert places. If you can relate, maybe you should consider making this a Sweet Spring Break to try as many cavity inducing, ultra sugary, gives-you-the-happys foods as you can. I will try to keep these suggestions as local as possible, but sometimes a mini road trip to try something new can be an adventure in itself!


  1. I Like Pie Bakeshop in Claremont  

    This place is definitely a favorite of mine, and it’s so close. What these little pies lack in size they DEFINITELY make up for in flavor. You can get a pie by itself or add ice cream á la mode; you can also get it with a hand-crafted coffee.

  2. Paradis in Claremont  

    Another personal favorite! They have different flavors every day, so everything is made fresh and you can try something new every time you visit. As an added bonus, the store has tons of games for you and your friends to enjoy while eating your gelato, including Uno, Bop It, Giant Jenga and much more.

  3. Crepes de Paris in Claremont

    While this is more of a small restaurant than a dessert place, the sweet crepes are still worth the trip out. My favorite is the classic strawberries and Nutella, but you can add lots of different ingredients. They also have lots of savory crepes and meals if you’re hungry and in the mood.

  4. Rad Coffee in Upland

    This place will call out to your alternative side, and you can probably relate to their logo of the skeleton drinking coffee. In addition to the great coffee, they also have unique signature frappés like the “Cookies and Scream” and the “Frankenstein” green tea frappé.

  5. Dots Cupcakes in Upland

    While still on my list of places I have to try, Dots is not too far away and features adorable cupcakes on the daily. They can also make amazing custom design cupcakes for birthdays and special events. Definitely worth checking out!

  6. Chelo Creamery in Rowland Heights

    While it might be a bit out of the way, this place is too unique not to visit. They have such a different way of making their ice cream it’s mesmerizing to watch! With different flavors ranging from green tea to caramel delight, this should no doubt make your list.

  7. The Mug Shakes in Rancho Cucamonga  

    Located right in the heart of Victoria Gardens, you should definitely spend a whole day visiting this place to explore the mall and get your own mug shake. I recommend splitting one of these with a friend because it is a lot to handle for one person (and please don’t take that as a challenge). The contents of your shake will overflow your mug with sugary goodness, and with a wide variety of flavors, this place is a must.

  8. Café 86 in Pasadena  

    If you love ube and the color purple, this is the place for you. In addition to the coffee and tea, almost all of their desserts are ube flavored, and totally Instagrammable. They also have locations in Chino and Artesia.


  9. Popbar in Huntington  

    The food court this place is located in will have you surrounded by amazing food and desserts, but this place is my personal favorite. It is gelato on a stick, and its not as hard to eat like some popsicles because it’s actually ice cream! They have tons of different combinations of flavors; you won’t want to go just once.

  10. Afters Ice Cream in Riverside  

    Afters has lots of different locations, but this is the one that I visited–and I loved it. They have unique as well as classic flavors and toppings, but what sets them apart is their signature milky bun. Although it looks like a donut, it’s actually a donut-like pastry that they warm up and stuff with your favorite ice cream.  

    Now the following places range from kind of far to pretty dang far from La Verne, but like I said: it can be an adventure to go try them out!


  11. California Donuts in Hollywood  

    I have had my eye on this place forever now because of their unique designs for their donuts. This place can also do customizable donuts for special occasions. Adorable and raved about, these donuts will have you making the drive out to their location, open 24 hours.

  12. Little Damage in L.A.  

    Growing up, whenever I had something delicious that my mom wanted, she would take a big piece and lick it, declaring “I licked it so it’s mine,” which coincidentally is this place’s catchphrase.  Little Damage stands out due to its gothic style ice cream and unique flavors, including birthday cake, green tea, and Horchata. It will definitely call out to your gothic, angst-y side.

  13. The Dog Café in L.A.  

    Do you really need more of a reason to go other than the name? You make a reservation, pay an admission fee, order any coffee or tea drinks you might want, and just hang out with dogs! All are rescues and all are adoptable. I have been wanting to go to this place the moment I heard about it, so please go live out my dream and play with pups while sipping tea.


  14. The Loop in Westminster  

    About twenty minutes out from Anaheim, this place is a must to go try. They make the churros fresh and warm and stick them in the ice cream of your choice. You can also get a signature creation of theirs or build your own, adding toppings and dip to the churro. Plus, the store is adorable and again, super Instagrammable.

  15. Snow Monster in Anaheim​  

Snow Monster not only features unique drink creations but also delicious looking desserts and is located on the Anaheim Packing House. Mini Monster is their smaller location located in Universal City Walk and has the drinks only, but believe me: the drinks themselves are worth it. From sunset lemonades to honey milk tea and other signature creations, this place has so much to offer. In addition to the amazing drinks, you can also add a monster crown to it, which is a giant fluff of cotton candy (with or without fruity pebbles) on top of your drink or a cute flower crown around the drink. The Anaheim Packing House also has many different dessert places you should totally check out should you choose to try it out.


Trying as many of these desserts as you can, as well as any others you discover, could make for a unique and adventurous sugary spring break. Or, if you’re on a budget, you could try making some crazy cool desserts at home, and in that case Pinterest and Tastemade will be your best friends. People come together with good food, so grab some friends and make some memories this spring break!

Hi everyone! I am a second year student at the University of La Verne who is still searching to find my passion. Outside of school and work anyone can tell you I am obsessed with dogs (even though I don't own one, R.I.P), desserts of all kinds, talking about shows I most likely binge watched, and finding cool adventures. 
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