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Surviving at a Small School

Going to a small school like University of La Verne has its benefits and its downfalls. The perfect college experience is different for everyone, but follow these five tips and your four years will be the best they can be!


  1. Be friendly: Walking around a small school like ULV is like walking around a small town that you grew up in. You will recognize almost every face, and you might not know them, but you should smile anyway because chances are, you’re going to see them later on this week too. Nothing is more awkward than avoiding eye contact.

  1. Don’t burn bridges: If you can help it, don’t end a relationship or friendship in a nasty and unresolved way, because you will probably see them on campus and you don’t want rumors floating around. That girl you trash talked today, probably knows your friends and classmates, and no one wants to be known as the mean girl.

  1. Get involved: At a small school frat parties are not frequent, so it is easy to stay in your room and watch Netflix. But it is also much easier to join clubs and organizations at a small school. With less competition for a spot in student government, ASULV, or a club, it  is easier to be apart of numerous things, keeping you occupied and entertained. You may not be partying every night, but you will be hanging out with your new BFF’s all weekend.

  1. Ask questions: Huge schools, with lecture halls of 200 students, or more, give you very little opportunity to ask questions and have access to the teacher. By going to  a small school like ULV, with the average class size of 19, you will be able to ask questions and ensure you impress the teacher with your test scores.

  1. Go to class: Sure, skipping class here and there may not hurt, but missing all the time isn’t going to fly at a small school. Later on that day, you will probably see your math teacher on campus and you don’t want to have to stumble for an excuse as to why you didn’t show up for the mid term.

Brooke is an aspiring journalist attending the University of La Verne in Southern California. She has a knack for all things adventurous and food related. When she isn't writing for Her Campus or the Campus Times you can find her taking pictures of her award-winning cat or eating various types of cheese.
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