Summer Plan Ideas

We are in the most stressful time of the semester; the last two weeks before finals. Where has the time gone?? (Not that I am complaining) While we may have those long assignments and stressful finals to start thinking about, summer is also on the horizon!

So here are some fun summer plans to start thinking about in between those procrastination and study sessions!


 1. Concerts

There are a lot of people on tour this summer and I know that some of my favorite memories are from concerts!

Some people performing in LA this summer include:

These are literally only a fraction of the people on tour and events to see! You should definitely think about hitting up a concert this summer!


   2. Road Trips

I don’t know about you, but I have yet to see most of the states around us! Besides California (and my semester abroad), I’ve been to a total of five other states. That leaves FORTY FOUR states left to be traveled. Personally, I plan on taking a road trip with my family to Colorado this year, but the possibilities are endless!

If you have some friends that also like to travel, it would be cheaper to rent a car and take turns driving to that fun and new destination!


    3. Hikes 

If you don’t have the time to take a road trip but want to experience some nature nearby, then taking some hikes this summer is definitely the way to go!

I just recently hiked Runyon Canyon in LA and it was one of the coolest places to not only see the natural side of LA but also to sneak a peek at the Hollywood sign and take some great pics hahaha.

There are plenty of other hikes nearby, such as the Claremont Loop, Potato Mountain, Etiwanda Falls et cetera!

    4.  Beach, Beach, BEACH!

I will always recommend a nice beach getaway during the summer! It is nice to escape the unbearably hot temperatures of the IE when heading to the beach. Even if lying out and taking a dip in the water isn’t your thing, beach towns are always nice to walk in and get some ice cream or go into little boutique’s to find some steals. 

    5. Pick up Some New Books

Books are my kind of escape when I have to stay at home. So I prepared beforehand and bought not one, not two, but six books to start off my summer right!

I know everyone has their own taste in books so I won’t push any of my personal choices on anyone but I do think everyone should give Google a go and search for those perfect summer books to read at home, on the beach of at a park!

    6. Start Planning your Next Steps..?

Now I know we want as stress free of a break as possible but I know that for some of us graduation is right around the corner and we need to start thinking about our next steps!

Whether that be grad school or a career, it is important to get the information you need and to plan ahead so that you aren’t overly stressed last minute in the semester.


I hope these summer plans get you all excited for this break to come! Until then, good luck with the last assignments and finals!