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The temperature is rising, senioritis is kicking in, and summer is getting closer and closer. If you have not made plans for this summer break, be sure to follow along as I give some ideas to have a great summer! Keep in mind, every person has their own idea of “fun” during their summer break, so don’t knock it until you try it.


Plan a Getaway with Friends

Every year my friends and I take a road trip to get away from the local area. In the past, we’ve traveled to San Francisco, Laughlin, Lake Havasu, San Diego, and more. This year, we are most likely traveling to Lake Tahoe or Las Vegas. Thankfully, our trips tend to take place after my birthday (late July), so we are able to combine both a birthday weekend for me and a vacation getaway for everyone else.

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A Day at the Beach

In the likely chance that you haven’t had the time to plan a road trip with your best non-flakey friends, consider other alternatives like a full day at the beach! The best part about spending the day at the beach is the unlimited amount of activities you can take part in. I always hear about friends coming together to gather around a beach bonfire, but not many people consider riding bikes along the shoreline, playing beach volleyball, or visiting the pier to act like a kid again! Need ideas? Check out Newport Beach, Santa Monica, and Huntington!

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Netflix and Chill

Of course, going out is always fun, but think of how much money you can save by just having a movie night with friends at someone’s house. Order-in some pizza, put on a classic movie that hasn’t been watched in a while, and wrap yourself up in blankets. To make this night even more fun, do those rejuvenating things like facials and face masks, mani/pedicures, and gossip! Not only can you be surrounded by good friends with good vibes, but you’ll be able to relax after a stress-induced school year or work week.

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Get Out and Get Active

So you’re a busybody; that’s cool too! Southern California offers so many hiking trails that are open to the general public from sunrise to sunset. If you feel the need to get physical, grab a few fellow hikers and visit some of the best hiking trails around town. Make sure to get a good idea of how intense the trail is before starting it, and always pack a bag with water, snacks, a portable charger, and sunscreen.

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Give Back to the Community

I know this isn’t everyone’s first thought to “summer vacation,” but it’s important to remember to stay active within your local community too. Participate in soup kitchens and food banks, get involved in a community garden of fruits and vegetables, or even consider taking part in a summer fundraiser within your area. It’s important to have an active role in your local area, especially as an appreciation for the surrounding environment that you may have grown up in. There’s nothing more rewarding than spending an afternoon making a difference for your own community!

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I’m sure you have many other ideas on how to spend your summer vacation, but consider my 5 previous mentions if you find yourself stuck in a rut! Summer can be long and boring if you are not proactive or involved, so you might as well figure out what you’re going to do now, rather than waiting until is too late!

Hello, my name is Javier Lucatero! I'm a School Psychology, PPS masters student at the University of La Verne. Working in the educational field while building my experience for my career, I take part in Her Campus La Verne as a graduate student staff writer. My articles are random, blunt, and debatably very interesting. If you think there's something worth writing about, or feel I should address, let me know (@Javi_Lucatero) and I'll see what I can do! Thanks for reading!
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