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Struggles of Having Resting Bitch Face

-People find you intimidating. “When I first met you, I thought you hated me.”

-You get asked if you’re okay…a lot. YES I’M FINE!!

-It’s hard to make friends because they think you’re a be-yotch. My face is NOT a portrayal of my personality. I’m actually nice once you get to know me, but I’m not much of an approach-er, you know?

-“You should smile more.” Do you know how exhausting it is to fake smile all the time?

-“Why do you look so disappointed?” It’s just my face!!

-People who don’t know you think you’re snobby. The habitual glare…

-You unintentionally stare. “You look so disgusted. Why?”

-You look like you’re never enjoying things. When in reality, I’m having so much fun.

-“Are you mad?” No, but if you ask me one more time I will be.

-People don’t know if you’re being sarcastic/joking, or not. It’s fun to watch people suffer through the confusion sometimes.

-Seeing others struggle with the same thing. And then you think to yourself, “wow, so that’s how my face looks.”

-The only time you genuinely look happy is when you’re with something you’re really passionate about. Like food, and animals.

-But you know what? It’s your face, and God loves your face. So you do you chica, and let the world know what’s on the inside. Go live the RBF (real, bold, fabulous) life.

Heidi Park is a junior at University of La Verne majoring in Child Development, specializing in Speech Therapy. This is her second year being part of the Her Campus team and has taken the role as Secretary, Blog Editor, and Snapshot Editor. Heidi is currently working in BUSD as a co-teacher, and as a behavior interventionist for ACT. She likes to de-stress by cooking, cleaning, reading, and watching Netflix. In her free time she likes to people watch at Starbucks (or really, anywhere), snack/eat until she is guiltily full, and hang out with the ones she loves. At first glance she may seem/look intimidating but once you get to know her she is a soft marshmallow (especially for dogs, cats, and babies).
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