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Spring Break 


noun: spring break; plural noun: spring breaks: The week after midterms where students unwind and relax after the stress of examinations. It is also where most college memories and mistakes occur. 


As from definition, it is evident that this holiday packs a lot of excitement and fear within it. It is important to make college memories, and this break is one of the few that is not family or holiday oriented (unless you count Easter, I guess). To help you make sure that you are looking your flawless this spring break, I have covered a couple products that I may or may not recommend to pack in your handy survival pouch. It is important that you are covered in every aspect to ensure glamorous everlasting spring break memories, and this is your guide. 


Superstar Queen for a Day is a hair thickener that is NOT a mousse. Don’t let that bottle fool you, this glowing purple delight is a SPRAY.  

The thickening spray is designed to add volume while leaving your hair tangle-free. Personally, having a bad hair day is equivalent to attending a wake. Without flawless hair, I have no motivation to go on with my day, or even get ready for my day to be completely honest. I was very skeptical about this product but  it does give you some results. Depending on your hair type, you may like this or not. This hairspray doesn’t necessarily add volume to your hair, but it does make your hair look thicker. The best way I found to use this product is to spray it on my hair when it is wet and then blow dry my hair damp. The product thickens the look of your hair and literally makes you look like you have MORE hair. If you need to get a quick straightener fix-up, try this product but use the next product after your hair is dry. 

Get Twisted is another Bed Head by TIGI product. The clear green bottle is filled with magic gold. This is a must for your spring survival pouch, especially if you are going somewhere warm and tropical. (SPRING BREAK BY THE BEACH, LEOS!) Get Twisted is an anti-frizz finishing spray that is designed to leave you with professionally done hair. This spray is easy to use and has only one rule. Do NOT use on wet hair. It has become the last step of my routine, I  spray it on hair right before turning the lights off and walking away from the mirror. 


Hawaiian Sunscreen is a SPF 45 broad spectrum cream by Alba Botanica. The product claims to be water resistant for 80 minutes and is made of green tea extract. 

The sunscreen leaves your skin looking glowing and moisturized. The sun feels warm on your skin and gives you a sun kissed look. The best thing about this product is that it is admirably eco-friendly. No Oxybenzone. No Octinoxate. No Animal Testing. Bio-degradable product. 



Meet Your Quad Shadow Squad is an eyeshadow made by the Almay cosmetic line. The eyeshadow comes in four different panels: matte, satin, metallic, and glitter. 

This eyeshadow is very forgiving. It is easily blended and leaves no creasing. The different panels produce different shades. Unfortunately, this eyeshadow does not last long without a base primer and it takes a lot of product to produce a sharp color, specifically from the lighter shades. I find this eyeshadow to work best as shades to highlight and contour your face rather than use on your eyes. Here’s a fun idea, contour your eyes! Your eyes will loo bigger, brighter, and more captivating than ever. (Makes your eyeliner and eyelashes popping!)



Va Va PLUMP by Buxom Cosmetics is a hidden gem in the plethora of lipsticks floating through the market. Va Va Plump comes in a flattering shape; the black bottle draws attention towards the five letters laying vertical on the bottle, BUXOM. 

This lipstick is NOT very forgiving. It is very bright and vivid. It comes with a really cool applicator, the brush is shaped so nicely that it applies very smoothly and it is pretty hard to smudge around lips with it. My favorite part of this product is its long lasting quality. This lipstick does not come off. It is perfect for a long night out and it wont smear or run on your skin. It has a nice satin or matte like matte finish despite claiming to be a shiny liquid lipstick. (P.S. it leaves the perfect lip smack marks if not dabbed well with a napkin.) 


The last item of this 2018 spring break survival pouch may come as a shock to most people, but after spending a month with this bad boy in my purse, I was surprised how many times it came to need. 


KRAZY GLUE actually comes in SINGLES. Those packets are very handy. 

The glue claims that it creates an instant bond that’s ultra-strong and durable. Krazy Stong, Krazy Fast. It is one glue with infinite uses; the formula bonds to a wide variety of surfaces. (ESPECIALLY SKIN, yikes!) I have heard of about so many girls that use KRAZY Glue for their nails and eyelashes. I DO NOT RECOMMEND OR APPROVE THAT. The reason I chose this product is because it actually comes really handy when you have a fashion emergency. 

A rip in your tights? Put some glue on it, blow it dry, and you’re good to go. Purse rips: mendable. You’re on the beach and your sandals break; no problem with this ‘lil thing. 


Moral of the story, all of these products are bomb, but you need some KRAZY glue to stick it all together. 


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