Sleigh with your Her Campus Holiday Survival Kit

Make your holidays extra sparkly with the Her Campus Holiday Survival Kit!

We know it is finals week at La Verne. Stress may be upon you but so is our survival kit! Although it's easy to get caught up in the finals week, we want to help you out with their products! This survival kit, we are featuring these wonderful brands: 

Alba Botanica®

Starting off with Alba Bontanica®they have been a great help to puffy eyes everywhere. This product will cool your eyes in an instant and it is also hypo-allergenic! Just apply the gel under your eyes and the fresh cooling sensation will cover your eyelids and make them less puffy! Perfect for finals season. The ingredients feature cucumber, green tea, and caffeine so it will sure soothe your puffy eyes due to lack of sleep. Those with sensitive skin will also be fine using this product!

#ActuallySheCan partnered with Le Motto

The #ActuallySheCan campaign by Allergan is a community designed to guide, empower and encourage women to pursue the life they choose. Girl power here! This goal of female empowerment encourages women to go for the big idea and achieve their goals. They partnered with Le Motto and helped them create tank tops for working out and on the go looks. We are absolutely IN LOVE with these simple shirt mottos. 

Sayings include: 

"Less Crama More Karma" 

"Less Regret more Sweat" 

"Less Hesitation, More Meditation" 


Tarte Cosmetics

To compliment your now-rejunivated eyes, pair it with our Tarte Cosmetics Tarteist™ PRO PaletteSure, your eyes will be stunning after this process. This palette comes with 20 shades of colors and shades. Talk about glamorous! Tarte also sent us some great mascara to add the extra boldness to your eyes. 


Talk about flashy eyes! Mascara with the lash lengthening and volumizing effects can compliment your eyes like no other. Pair the tarte products together and you'll sure rock that holiday party.


Now that your eyes are covered, what about your skin?! We got you covered for that too. 

The Being brand sent us hand cream in the smells of salted caramel and macadamin and cloudberry and lychee blossom. Talk about yummy flavors! The white and pink colors are a sure hit with us and we adore the smells too. Being would love every girl to smell fresh and sweet! Their whole brand offers clever names and clever face designs on them. Their brand has bath booms, shower bursts, body butter and more! You can check out their website on Ulta. 


Krazy Glue

Need some Krazy fixes? 

Krazy Glue got you! This small packages filled with 4 little tubes of crazy glue! Talk about a deal. This glue can bond to wood, metal, plastic, glass, vinyl and ceramics. You can carry it with you anywhere and when you are looking for a quick fix, here it is! This is great for any small project or any DIYs you have in mind. Happy experimenting!

And...that is a wrap for our Holiday Survival Kit. Thank you to our sponsors for the amazing products which are perfect for the holidays!