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Review: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

October has come to an end, and what better to celebrate the culmination of the spooky season than binge watching the new Netflix original about our favorite teenage witch? (Fun Fact: I finished all 10 episodes in 2 days!)

I think I can call myself a Sabrina enthusiast, as I’ve watched both the 90’s version with Melissa Joan Hart and the cartoon version, Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Here’s my thoughts on this new, chilling take on an original boss witch story.


1. Kiernan Shipka is the absolute cutest as Sabrina!

I have never seen Kiernan’s work, but her acting in this show was amazing! She made a very convincing character of a stubborn teenager with a heart torn between two worlds. You could see the good intentions she has, but then witness the slightly evil ways she goes about solving her problems.



Ross Lynch as Harvey Kinkle??? That perfect casting was something I didn’t know I needed, but I AM BLESSED. These two have such great chemistry, every moment was an “aw” moment for me. He loves Sabrina with his whole heart, but secrets (if they’re dark enough) can ruin even the purest of relationships.


3. I love (John) Ambrose (McClaren), period

Honestly, this guy steals every single scene he’s in, and I can easily say that Ambrose is my favorite Spellman. He always pulls through for Sabrina, ready to get her out of (and sometimes, into) witchy trouble when she needs it. Plus, he’s super hot! Too bad he plays for the other team ):


4. The other boy, Nick Scratch

Speaking of hot boys, I love me a good bad boy and Nicholas Scratch definitely fits my expectation. Though he’s a little…everywhere with his tastes, there’s no doubt he’s got it for Sabrina. He knows Harvina is endgame and respects that; however, he still shoots his shot and proves his worth by helping Sabrina with her mission to keep her loved ones safe. I mean, this dude goes to keep her boyfriend safe from a supernatural angel of death, okay? He’s doing a great job of silently stealing Sabrina’s heart (and mine too!).


5. The Weird Sisters make great frenemies

First off, I definitely love their matchy-matchy look, no matter how creepy they seemed at first. Prudence proved herself to be a great ally to Sabrina in the end, and there’s no denying the strength of these witches–especially when they work together.


6. The aunties were kind of…eh

I’d always thought of Aunt Zelda and Aunt Hilda as the comic relief, and in this version, they kind of frustrate me. Aunt Hilda is the nice one, trying to help out whenever she can, but they portrayed her a little ditzier than I’d like. But then that makes sense, as it contrasts with Aunt Zelda’s obsessive behavior with the Dark witch life. Sometimes I would think she’s on the opposition, but she will always stand by Sabrina’s side in the end.


7. The Book of the Beast & the Dark Lord (?)

The moment the words “Dark Lord,” were said, I immediately thought of Voldemort! The whole concept of witches, the Church of Night and the Dark Lord is pretty much the religion of witches, though I find it disturbing how they were able to twist the holy church concept for the devil instead. Definitely ups the satanic spooky-ness but it adds to the uniqueness of the show.


What do you think? Was Sabrina a witchy success? I definitely did!

Much like the Disney character, I don't let society define who I am & I always do what I think is right. Communications/Public Relations major, Class of 2019 at the University of La Verne. I aspire to learn from the best to better serve the world we live in by creating clear messages for the public.
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