Review: AHS Apocalypse Ep. 1

As a fan and admirer of the creepy, gory things that writer Ryan Murphy has to offer for us via his show American Horror Story, I can fully empathize with the excitement we all feel every time weʼre blessed with a new season! Simply from the revelation that this season would depict the outcome of the apocalypse and the occurrences to follow, we all predicted that this would easily become one of the best seasons to come out in a while.

From the second the episode began, I was intrigued by the events laid out for us. Within the first couple of minutes, we were introduced to the idea of how the apocalypse would play out, and even I personally felt as if it was actually happening as I was watching, which launched me into a mini panic. But, this episode in general made me realize how obsessed I am with all the actors and actresses because of how great of a job they do to execute the situation thatʼs occurring in the episode, making us believe that itʼs real.

Heading into the discussion of the actors/actresses, I want to point out the fact that Iʼm already extremely in love with each of the characters. We all know that the king and queen of American Horror Story (Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson) would stay in any role theyʼre given, but I already have a great feeling about what they will bring to this season, especially Evan Peters now that he has been given a role that strays from what he has typically done in the past. But, I believe that so far he is doing an amazing job at embodying the character of a comedic hairstylist, as opposed to his usual role of being creepy, gory, and psychedelic.

And then thereʼs Sarah Paulson, who always manages to completely convince us of who her character is. This season, Sarah Paulson displays someone who is in charge of an outpost that contains the remaining sum of human life. She takes on the role of the “dictator” so to speak, in that she enjoys torturing the remains of human population. To me, I find both these actorsʼ portrayal of the characters very intriguing and Iʼm excited to see where they will develop from here. 

Another actress who I believe is doing an outstanding job is Leslie Grossman, when she initially stepped into the screen depicting the aspect that wealthy people have greater opportunity to paying for their survival rather than those who are unable to pay their way into the higher society ability of simply living.

Overall, I have great hopes for this new season of American Horror Story and I believe it will snake its way into my top five favorite seasons. It has undoubtably left a mark in instilling fear within me, whereas I havenʼt necessarily experienced with any of the seasons in a while. This may possibly be because of the fact that for once, the season is portraying something that has yet to actually happen in real life, rather than something from the past, which makes it much more eerie and a bit uncertain. Nonetheless, I am excited to see how everything will unfold and which course the season will take involving the story line and the fate of each character.