One Shirt, Three Outfits

Let's face it. Waking up in the morning is hard if you're a struggling college student. Our outfit ideas are for the ones who snooze five alarms and they need a pick-me-up outfit idea. It can be rough - but not with just one clothing item to save your life. Nothing looks like it's going to be comfortable today and it's too early in the morning to determine how you feel to match what you dress yourself as. Thanks to that striped shirt in your closet, let's explore some ideas on how to spice it up with some style.

We want to encourage you to explore your closet and start getting some inspiration. We're offering a head start. Channel that inner "hallway" model or runway model perhaps, and let us spice up this old but new striped shirt. 


1. Good news! It's not fall season yet in California. Which can grab the high waisted shorts you love and wear it out like it's new. Pair it with black sunglasses and a black bag to match the stripes on your shirt!

2. If you're feeling comfy and saying "it is gonna be a lazy day," this outfit will speak to you. A comfy pair of sneakers and a long maxi will be the compliment to your stripped shirt.


3. Last but not least, striped on striped. Looking to make a bold statement? Try adding the same striped pattern. Don't worry - you won't look like a big striped mess. 

Tip: pair your striped shirt with a bigger striped pattern to differentiate the pattern. 


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