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New Club to Join La Verne and Empower Women

Imagine a community of women coming together to support one another through inspiration, not competition. A community that believes in giving back, having open discussions and turning self doubt into self love. Two best friends had a conversation at a party in Los Angeles about “why women put each other and themselves down?” This friendly conversation in 2008 transformed into an international non-profit organization that has over 5 million members. The organization is called I AM THAT GIRL and they believe in “Raising the standards for how girls treat themselves, each other, and the world by building a community for girls to be seen, heard and belong.” The organization has linked with many colleges around the world and has over 175+ local chapters. This year the University of La Verne has become one of the lucky universities that has the opportunity to partner with IATG. https://youtu.be/wfImKYCo6x0




I decided to become a chapter leader for IATG:La Verne, by stumbling onto the organization’s website on accident. I was beyond interested that a group of women could be so vulnerable to one another that they let their guards down and discuss real topics. I decided to co create this new club for social and community service matters. Our university is filled with strong powerful women that can take on the world and I wanted to make a club to award them by letting them know that is okay to congratulate one another instead of putting each other down. One of these amazing women is the club’s advisor Alma Martinez. Martinez is the Artist of Residence of the University of La Verne and is a latina actress in a male dominated industry. She has had roles in Zoot Suit, Cake with Jennifer Aniston and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.



The IATG values are loving yourself and others, supporting others, giving back and speaking your truth. Through monthly meetings and awesome events we will try to follow these values and become a better version of ourselves.


The club will officially set to start in Fall 2016, however the launch party and interest meeting is May 4th in the Vista Main Lounge at 12pm. The interest meeting will explain the ideas of the club, a member’s experience with the organization and open positions for an executive board. If interested in being a part of the IATG movement contact Autumn.Simon@laverne.edu. This meeting won’t be like normal meetings however. An IATG representative will contact party goers and tell her experience while starting the ice breaker between the girls. We are also giving out free pizza and fun little gifts. My goal of the meeting is to have enough girls attend to make this club a real thing on campus. I am so excited to start this journey with you all.



Autumn Simon is a journalism major at the University of La Verne in California. She is an aspiring publicist. She is a movie junkie and is interested in all things Disney. While she isn't in class she is multicultural chair on the Campus Activity Board, publicist of Shades of Essence, a part time Cast Member at Disneyland, a writer for La Vouge and a writer for the campus' magazine and newspaper.
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