Netflix-ing In November

The streaming service, Netflix, has announced new shows and shows that will be missed. New titles will be added to the service throughout the month. Particularly, the most anticipated release of the month is Marvel's The Punisher. Similar, the arrival of new seasons of Lady Dynamite and Broadchurch, along with movies like Men in Black and Piranha

Netflix Inc. said on Monday that it plans to raise an additional $1.6 billion in debt to feed the Netflix-goers appetite for more movies and TV shows.

They aren't slowing back even though they are nearly $4.94 billion in long-term debt on top of $17 billion in liabilities. However, the company plans to still expanding. They plan to release 80 films next year. 

The full list of what is coming and going on Netflix can be found here. 

Netflix will start the month off with films like "Silent Hill" for fans of big scares and "scary Movie" for those still experiencing those post-Halloween blues. Fun movie nights can be experienced too like "The Boss Baby" and "Men in Black" for family-friendly movies. 

What's next for Netflix? Tune in for $9.99.