My First Year At The University of La Verne- That's A Wrap



Hello fellow readers,


As I was contemplating on what to write for the last week of articles for Her Campus, I realized it was going to be my last article as a freshman at the University of La Verne. It felt like just yesterday I was moving into my dorm. It hit me right there and then that my first year has come to an end, and yes, I might have shed a few tears. But, they are happy tears for all the great memories I have made thus far in my college journey and for all the wonderful people I have met.



So, I decided to include some quick tips to getting the best out of your college experience.


  1. JOIN CLUBS. A great way to meet people outside of your classes is by joining clubs on campus. I know this can sometimes be nerve wracking, but it will definitely be worth it at the end. I suggest to go to club fairs since there will be many other students like you roaming around looking for what interests them. Also, challenge yourself by trying a club or two that are completely different from what you usually do, this will help you experience new interests.


  1. ATTEND CAMPUS EVENTS. There are many events and activities that campuses offer for students during the school year. This is your money at work, so I suggest you attend them and get free supplies and cute giveaways. There is usually free food too, so if you’re not interested in the event, at least you won’t be starving in your dorm alone.


  1. BE OPEN MINDED. College is the time to explore and figure out who you are and what you like and don’t like. So be open minded to trying new things. It’s as simple as trying a new food, adopting a new self-care method such as yoga or painting, changing your wardrobe, getting a haircut or even styling your hair a different way. Be open to new experiences, but always make sure you are safe and it is not putting yourself or others in danger.



I know this is a very short list of tips, but I know they are effective from personal experience! I challenge you to follow these simple tips to getting a wholesome college experience.


Until next year loves<3