Movie Review: I Feel Pretty

Amy Schumer returns to the silver screen with a movie to boost anyone’s confidence who isn’t exactly feeling “summer ready.”

I Feel Pretty follows Renee Bennett (Amy Schumer) and her struggle with her insecurities on her self confidence and self image. Bennett is an online sales rep in New York for Avery LeClaire (Michelle Williams), who owns one of the biggest fashion and makeup companies. Bennett has a freak accident while attending her morning Soulcycle class and recieves an injury to the head. After she wakes, she suddenly sees and believes she has the beautiful body she has always dreamed of.

Bennett continues on to get herself into misadventures with her new found confidence, gets her dream job at LeClaire’s headquarters and finds love along the way; in a dry cleaners of all places. Things begin to go sour when Bennett slips in the shower when she is on the road with LeClaire’s company and the magic is gone.

This movie is extremely timely and very different from what Schumer has released in the past. It shows that true beauty is on the inside and keeps those around who see you for who you are close to you. When images change so do attitudes, but you can’t let that affect the way you live your life or the way you treat people. The film felt like it was being primarily targeted towards women, but I felt just as inspired and empowered at the end of the film as anyone else in the that theatre.

I recommend this film for a girl’s night, date night or just a day out with friends. It takes you through a rollercoaster of hilarity and empathy.

It really made me think that it is never too late change what you look like, but we  just can’t lose who we are along the way.