Meet Taylor!

My name is Taylor Distelrath and I am a twenty two year old senior graduating this June! Here’s a bit about me. 


Major: Psychology (also in the honors program)

Dream Job: To become a child life specialist! I actually just got accepted into the M.S program at APU for Child Life. A child life specialist is a person who works in a hospital setting with children and their families during traumatic situations. I worked with two different child life specialists when I was in the hospital, so this would be a dream come true!

Hobbies: I absolutely love to read and go to the beach when I can! I also love just being around the people I love (my family and friends) any chance I get. 

Bucket List Goals: I want to travel to as many continents as I can! I want to especially visit countries like; Iceland, Greece, Australia et cetera! And of course the super cheesy, super sappy goal of falling in love hahaha. 

Favorite Food: Italian food all the way; anything Italian and I am ready to go!

Favorite Dessert: I could eat a piece of cheesecake ANYTIME ANY DAY. 

21 Choices Order: You haven’t lived until you’ve had vanilla froyo with nutella and brownie! 

Favorite Movie: Titanic will always be my number one and I cry every single time. But I also LOVE Wonder Woman just because she’s my woman crush AND a bad ass (also cried in the theaters when I first saw it).

Favorite Book: Anything from Sarah J. Maas. I am obsessed with her characters and the worlds she creates on paper.

Song that describes me: In My Blood by Shawn Mendes. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs going on and this song is the perfect definition of persisting through all of it!