Meet Sam!

Hi! My name is Sam☺ I am a first-year business major at University of La Verne. I have been vegetarian/pescatarian for over three years and I am very passionate about yoga. I will be getting yoga teacher certified in the next six months. I am the oldest of three kids: I have a 7-year-old rother and a 14-year-old sister.

I just joined Her Campus and I am very excited to make new friends and use articles as an outlet. I also just became a Spotlight leader at La Verne, which is a program that helps admitted freshmen be welcomed on campus and get a taste of life at La Verne before committing. I usually take 17-18 units per semester and I maintain Honors.

My favorite topics to write about include healthy relationships, health, fitness, cooking, yoga, mental health, feminism, and lifestyle. I have been with my boyfriend for 9 months and would consider us to be very healthy and communicative. I’ve also explained feminism to my boyfriend and turned him into a feminist. I used to volunteer at an agency for victim of domestic violence where I learned about dating violence, abusive relationships, feminism, healthy relationships, and oppression. My mom is a certified health and life coach, so I have grown up with a very strong health conscience. I am extremely passionate about mental health, specifically anxiety, depression, and suicide. The pastor of my church committed suicide at 30-years-old six months ago, which has really sparked me need to speak out about mental health.

I have a very widespread music taste including electronic, pop, Christian, and country music. My favorite artists include Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran, Mosaic MSC, Dirty Heads, and Pentatonix. Some of my favorite Youtubers are Emma Chamberlain, SupremeBanana, The Dolan Twins, James Charles, Buzzfeed, As/Is, Ladylike, Claire Michelle, Sarah Therese, Colleen Balinger, and Superwoman. My favorite celebrities are Demi Lovato, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen Degeneres, James Franco, Dave Franco, Lily Collins, Shawn Mendes, Zendaya, Jennifer Lawrence, Lucy Hale, Shailene Woodley, Toby Macguire, Scarlette Johanson, Bella Thorne, Miley Cyrus, and Theo James. My favorite movies are Suicide Squad, Why Him, Kissing Booth, Daddy’s Home, Spiderman (the OGs), Adventures of Tin Tin, Nerve, The Greatest Showman, Now You See Me, Mortal Instruments, and the Founder.

My best friend/soul mate and I always talk about our bucket-lists. I want to skydive. She and I are going to go bungee jumping this summer (a gift I regret giving). We want to go to Bali and Australia. We want to go off the grid and live out of a bus. We will be living together in an apartment. We will have essential oils flowing, oxygen-exuding plants, and crystals everywhere. We are addicted to the beach and a restaurant called Veggie Grill. We will have guinea pigs and bunnies for pets. It’s very exciting to look forward to!

Thank you all for reading and feel free to check out my social media!

Instagram: @_vegetariangoddess_

Pinterest: @samannrose2000