Meet Jeanette!

My name is Jeanette Gomez, I am 21 years old and an English major at the University of La Verne. I am Mexican American. I grew up in different places in Texas and California, but what I consider my hometown is Norwalk, California.

Once came to school at the University of La Verne, I have study abroad in Italy and I became very active as much as I can in school. I am in the Her Campus club on campus and I am part of the Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity. I enjoy admiring the architecture especially when I went to Italy. I love to travel as far as I can. So far I have been in California, Texas, Las Vegas, Utah, Mexico, and Italy.

Since I was little I knew I wanted a job helping others, this is why now I am going to study family law. My dream is to help children and families whether it is being reunited, fighting for the children's and parents right, and making a difference in life. Once I help as much as I can I would love to teach at a community college and inspire adults to keep moving forward in school.

I am very family oriented and I become very close to my AOII sisters and my best friends who are my roommates on campus. I dorm on campus where I made my best friends in my suite I lived in on campus. I enjoy analyzing literature and art as well.