Meet Gabi!



Hello Queens!

My name is Gabi and I am second year Sociology student at the University of La Verne. I am a new addition to the ULV Her Campus team and I can’t wait to start writing articles about current events, makeup, dance, and so much more!

Here’s a little about myself!

Now, many of you may have thought "what is sociology?" (I get this question very often); Sociology is the study of society and social relationships. To give you a better idea, some examples of the classes I will take consist of gender inequality, race and ethnicity, sociology of the family, and so forth. I chose sociology as my major because I found I could help and care for people in many ways by learning about these issues. I am very passionate about working towards a better society, but I am also a very shy person which prevents me from speaking up and making myself heard. That’s one of the biggest reasons why I decided to join Her Campus. I believe that this is a safe platform for me to talk about anything that I find interesting and important.


This summer I worked at a YMCA Camp Oakes, which reignited my passion of working with kids. Now, I really want to bring this amazing experience into my career plans of either working with a non-profit organization, or becoming a social worker.




In areas other than school, I have quite a few hobbies. First, I love to dance. I have danced for about 7 years prior to college and then for a year with the ULV Dance Team. My favorite styles of dance are contemporary and hip hop because they express two very different sides of me. I love all dance movies and TV shows, and I was OBSESSED with "World of Dance" this past summer (shout-out to my Sean and Kaycee fans). I try to dance whenever I can now, but being a college student means my time is very limited. Writing has always been a small hobby of mine as well. Growing up I would always write little short stories for myself, so maybe I could share them on here someday! I use writing as an outlet to express my thoughts and passions but I’ve always been too afraid to share those with other people. Some of my other hobbies include makeup, reading, hiking, and sports, so expect articles from all these areas!





I’m super family-orientated and anytime I have the chance to be with my family, I take it. My family consists of my mom, dad, brother, sister and our two cats. I love all animals, but I have to say that I favor cats the most.


I am excited to be writing about all kinds of stories for Her Campus! Until next time my queens.


Gabi Palafox