Meet Celeste!

Hello Everyone!

I am Celeste Wilkin. Currently, a freshman at the University of La Verne, majoring in business administration. I am excited to be apart of her campus and I'm looking forward to having a great time here at La Verne.

I grew up in the High Desert, I have five siblings: a brother, four sisters, and I also have a cat. We are all pretty close in age, except one of my sisters and my brother is almost 30. I'm closest with my younger sister being that we are only a year apart.

The photo below features my cat, Angel. 


Some of the things that I love include: 

  • Photography
  • Music
  • Animals
  • Travel
  • Reading
  • Outdoors
  • Fall
  • Fashion

The following picture is from when I went to the Pantages theatre in Hollywood, CA to see "Beautiful: The Carole King Musical."

When I'm not at school you can catch me having fun with friends, or just enjoying my free time. I do however, like to watch movies and shows a lot. I usually get really hooked on a TV show from time-to-time. Right now, I'm currently binge-watching "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," and a few months ago, I binge-watched all of "Jane the Virgin," which is currently my favorite show. Other than that I am a police explorer, which is such a great experience. I like to do a mix of different things; it's really rewarding to stay involved and I prefer it than not being a part of anything. 

In high school, I took photography for three years and I also took piano for two years. As it so happens, those are now two of my favorite hobbies. 

The photo below is one of my favorite photos.

Thank you for reading about me. I hope I didn't bore you! 

Love, Celeste W.