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As an aspiring journalist you would think it would be simple to come up with a proper introduction to introducing myself. Perhaps it’s because when I think of describing myself, I think of mentioning all the basics: Name, age, major, etc. However, I feel like who I am is much more complex than that. I, like everybody else, am a multifaceted person, and it would be hard to fully project who exactly I am with basic facts, but I can try.

My name is Ashley Mubiru, I’m a soon to be a third-year journalist major at the University of La Verne in La Verne, CA. I’m originally from the San Fernando Valley, which is about an hour away from my school. When I first came to La Verne, it was incredibly hard for me to transition. I was struggling to find my place at the school, while balancing heavy amounts of school work. Not only was I unsure about what I wanted to major in, but with who I was in general.

Eventually, I met some great individuals who made me feel a little more comfortable in my home away from home, and I figured out what I wanted to major in: journalism!

The reason being is because not only do I like to write, but I want to utilize my writing for the greater good. After I graduate and have learned everything I need to learn about journalism, I want to be a writer for a youth oriented, and empowering magazine. I feel as though I have a youthful spirit, and can reach young girls in a special way. My goal is to allow young girls- young people in general- to go out into the world with self confidence in themselves, because that’s something I had a really hard time with growing up. I want to be able to help eliminate girl-on-girl hate, which starts at eliminating self-hate. All in all, I just want to use journalism to allow my voice, and the voices of others to be heard.

I joined Her Campus at La Verne because, as I said, I genuinely love writing, and the thought of joining a club where we can write about different topics and freely share our ideas and whatever comes to mind was something that I immediately wanted to jump on. No questions asked. Along with Her Campus, I also write for the school newspaper, Campus Times.

I hope to one day transition from writing articles for my school, to writing for publications like Teen Vogue.

Aside from my future aspirations, I enjoy watching Netflix (high school dramas are my guilty pleasure), hanging out with family and friends, eating junk food, and listening to music. My favorite color is blue, although the colors baby pink and yellow are growing on me. My favorite music genre is R&B, and I believe that people who are vulnerable and kind, especially in this world, are the strongest people there are.

Okay, that’s all for now.

Thanks for reading!

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