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Hello, I am Arturo Gomez Molina

I am a first-generation third year transfer students at the University of La Verne working to earn my Bachelors in Communications with an emphasis Public Relations. I was born and raised in the Northeast Los Angeles neighborhood of Lincoln Heights, but have had many different towns I have called home since i graduated high school.

I stay pretty involved on campus. I am the editor for the Arts section on the campus newspapers, have been on the school radio for two semesters and served as president for the PR Club on campus for one semester.

I constantly look for opportunities to grow and learn. Outside of school I like to keep things light.

I work full-time at my parent’s restaurant, Maya’s Restaurant, named after my littlest sister, and like to look for new beers and eateries to try with my friends on the weekends.

My hobbies include playing music and listening to music. I have been a musician since I can remembering being able to hold anything in my hand and my love for music has only grown with every year.  I have been drumming for 15 years and have been playing guitar for almost six.

Here are some more quick facts:

  • I marched trombone in the 2010 Rose Parade with the LAUSD All City Marching Band

  • I intern for the company that owns the Walking Dead

  • I love to travel and make it a point to visit one new city and state a year

  • I have gone to EDC and loved every minutes of it

I hope you enjoy my articles and my opinions! Feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Happy reading!

PR student at the University of La Verne
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