Mark your calendars to save a life

It’s a new year at school and everyone is wondering, "how am I going to survive this year with all the fun activities I am in?" Well lucky you! I'm here to give you some guidelines you can follow. If you are juggling a job, school and clubs, I am your girl to help you out. I am a full time employee, full time student, in a sorority and in Her Campus La Verne. These are many things to be in, but hey I am here surviving with these guidelines.

1. Start a color-coded calendar for your busy schedule. Have your work schedule in one color; make sure to write your new work schedule as soon as you get it! Then, write all of the other activities you are trying to attend with your club or sorority. 

2. ​Mark off days and time frames to do homework and make it only for homework!!! This is very important. 3. ​Make time to enjoy yourself! Take a personal day or a day with love ones in your life, from your partners to your family to your friends.

By having all this marked on your calendar, it will help you succeed in juggling your life but allowing you to cruise stress free life!