Lifestyle Enthusiast and Aspiring Music Therapist: Lynsea Myers

Those people who are all talk, says psychology major Lynsea Myers, don't want to change. 

Introducing Lynsea Myers, a compassionate young individual who lives life optimistically and follows her passion with people by helping them change their attitudes.

"There is so much bad in the world and I feel I can enact this change by helping people change their mindsets," Lynsea said. Lynsea has been the representative of change. Growing up in Pitsburg, Northern California, Lynsea had Southern Calfornia in mind as a learning experience. Being an inspiration to people, she follows her own self beliefs in the benefit of change and growth. Taking a leap after her high school graduation, Lynsea moved to Southern Calfornia in pursuit of her Psychology degree at the University of La Verne, finding herself joining a sorority, music fraternity, and becoming a Residental Adivisor for the Office of Housing. 

"I want to keep growing and growing and not look back," Lysea said. She plans to move to a different state for her Masters degree in Psychology after she finishes her Bachelor's Degree at La Verne. 

Her passion for giving back and her contagious optimism helps her help others find happiness within themsleves. She enjoys helping others for the betterment of the community and she gets joy out of making people happy. 

She hopes to discover the "why" in human emotions to better understand and help others achieve happiness. 

With her love of music, having being in band for seven years from junior high to high school, she hopes to use musical therapy as an outlet for people's happiness. 

 Through her constant optimism, she aspires to embody her favorite quote everyday: "Be the change you wish to see in the world" by Gandhi. The significance of this quote provides Lynsea the proper encouragement to follow her passion.