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First and foremost, congratulations on making it this far in your academic journey. You’ve made it; you’ve taken the next step onto a path full of memories and late-night cups of coffee! College can be a confusing time, but it’s also a great opportunity to branch out from your usual comfort zone. It’s important that you stay on track for a timely graduation, but take these four years to try new things that you may have never considered before. Many students focus too closely on meeting deadlines and stress the importance of their classes. Of course, it is necessary to stay on top of your school work, but give yourself the chance to get involved! To prepare you on this 4-year journey, here are three words of advice for incoming freshmen, from a senior:


1. You’re good enough for this.

Starting your college career can be extremely intimidating. You’ll be taking classes that challenge you in ways you’ve never been challenged before. At this time, it’s important to remind yourself that you were accepted to attend this school and that you have what it takes to earn a degree. There is no reason for you to second-guess your competency or qualifications. This university wants you to succeed as a student here; if there is a moment where you feel you need assistance, you can ask any classmate, advisor, professor, administrator, and more! Just don’t forget about your schoolwork.


2. The residence hall isn’t that bad.

I’m sure you’ve had your fair share of experiences in the new residence hall on campus. Rumors flew around claiming there was a power outage, large scratches on the dorm walls, unfinished study rooms, half the elevators weren’t functioning, and everything reeks of paint? I understand how bad that may look, but it’s definitely an upgrade compared to what Brandt and Stu-Han were. Pushing all that aside, remember that Citrus Hall is still in the works. The university will continue to make sure that it gets finished soon, but in the meantime, keep yourself humble with what you’ve got. You can make a lot of memories with your hallmates.


3. Savor your four years.

It’ll be over before you know it. Sure the first few weeks may feel like a drag, but it all picks up and moves fast whether you’re ready or not. I totally understand that you’re just beginning here at ULV, but appreciate the time you have here. That first week must’ve been hard, but everything that can happen afterward will be different. Over the course of 4 years, you will experience so much. New friends, taking classes that actually interest you, joining a club or greek organization, and creating your own identity. Don’t procrastinate on getting yourself immersed into ULV, savor your time and make use of it.

Obviously, everyone has different experiences in college, so take mine like a grain of salt. I want every student to be successful in their college career, which is why I offered what I know. I figured three small, different advice options could help an incoming freshman become a little adjusted.

College is a whole new world, it’s up to you to explore every part of it.


Hello, my name is Javier Lucatero! I'm a School Psychology, PPS masters student at the University of La Verne. Working in the educational field while building my experience for my career, I take part in Her Campus La Verne as a graduate student staff writer. My articles are random, blunt, and debatably very interesting. If you think there's something worth writing about, or feel I should address, let me know (@Javi_Lucatero) and I'll see what I can do! Thanks for reading!
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