How to Get a Bikini Body in 1 Easy Step!

How to get a Bikini Body in 1 Easy Step!

1.      Put a bikini on your body.

Mhm. Ever thought of that solution? Wait. I wonder, doesn’t have a “bikini body” mean you ..have a “BIKINI BODY?!” Mhm. Come to think of it, what does bikini body even mean? Where have we heard this term? Since when did putting on a bikini, mean we HAVE to have THE “bikini body?”

Speaking derogatively, from what I’ve heard over my 18 years of life, the meaning of “bikini body” meant a body that’s relatively fit and looks nice in a bikini. Let’s leave it at that.

Now, let’s break down the words.

Bikini means a two-piece swimsuit for women.

Body means the physical structure of a person.

As we mesh the two words, bikini and body, together, we get bikini body. And So we have the definition: “Bikini body” as the physical structure of a person in a two-piece swimsuit. 

Because, that is what it is, right? 

Apparently not.

There seems to be a stigma for people that do not fit under the category of  having the“bikini body.” Why is it that there’s such a stigma for body image to be perfect?

The whole concept is absolutely ridiculous. Why are people subjected to look a certain way to wear a certain piece of clothing?

Why are people being subjected to disapproval when they do? 

SINCE WHEN has anybody agreed to this nonsense? 

SINCE WHEN have the people lost their right to wear whatever they want? 

SINCE WHEN have our freedom of expression in clothing been lost? 

This not only causes negative self image, but it tricks people into thinking they have to look a certain way to wear certain things. 

Social media, being the one place that we can share our photos and stories, but also so happens to be the one place where peer pressure and obsessions toward one’s self image develop. I, admit to my social media obsession, as I spend countless hours bombarding myself with hashtag famous celebrities, hashtag goals people and hashtag perfect people.  I, myself, struggled with countless hours unsatisfied with my appearance and having it affect how I view myself as a human being.

To be quite honest, it wasn’t until recently I broke the stigma of body image myself. It’s not about what other people think of you, it’s what you think about yourself that matters the most. The other stuff? That’s only background noise. Think of everyone else’s opinions as just background noise. Whether it's gossip or those mean girls or boys laughing about your outfit, ignore it. It is just background noise. 

So, if you ask me how to get the bikini body? Wear it. Just wear it. (Sponsor me Nike) Just kidding. Really.

Use my defintion of bikini body and just put a bikini on your body. ANOTHER TIP THOUGH?


This is a subject I hold personal to myself. Throughout my lifetime, I hold countless recollections of moments I wished I could have another body or be another person. My remembrance of those moments was what shaped my perspective today: of having my own opinion and putting action to it. That’s why I’m launching my series of body positive blogs to open discussions about positive body image, offer advice and to offer a hand to those to think they are suffering this stigma alone. Remember: No one's opinion matters. Only your own. Your body is none of anyone's business. 


Learn to love yourself.


Drawing Courtesy of Flora Wong.