Havanese Dogs: A Secret Breed


My family recently got two Havanese puppies for our family of 5. While it's been chaotic because they are young and new to us, they have been SO much fun!!!


Fun Facts

Havanese puppies originate from Cuba (get it? Havana, Cuba!) and look comparable to terriers and maltese dogs. They are super easy to train and are awesome for families. They can easily be certified as emotional support animals. Their maximum weight is about 12 pounds. Full grown, they literally still look like puppies!!! They are really sweet and cuddly but also very energetic and love to play with toys. Potty training can definitely be a struggle in the beginning because they are so tiny that they pee right after taking a sip of water! Havanese dogs sleep quite a bit but also need lots of love and attention. They are very walkable, but only for short distances. They do need lots of baths but it is totally worth the hastle because they are absolutely entertaining when they run around trying to dry off. When they are all dry, their fluffy, clean fur make them look like royalty, and trust me, they know it. They usually play well with other dogs and probably think they are bigger than they are. Every Havanese looks a little different and their color range is very diverse. 

Most people have never heard of this dog breed and I think it's about time they do! These pups are too sweet not share. If you're looking for a new cuddly companion, you should definitely consider getting one of this special breed.