Goodbye Her Campus, Goodbye ULV

Hello everyone at Her Campus! This will be my last article as a member of HCULV. As you all know, I grew up in San Francisco and moved here to attend University of La Verne. While I love La Verne and the people I have met, I will be moving and continuing my education back home. It was something I thought about a lot and it was a hard decision to make, but I know that in the long run that this is what is best for me.

I don’t know a lot about my future and where it’s headed, but I do know I want to move back home. In terms of career and education, if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t want to work in the LA area. I feel like I should take advantage of everything San Francisco has to offer, since I have the priviledge to live there and experience it all. Also the summers in LA are a big no from me, I prefer Karl the fog. I also like higher minimum wage, no tea no shade but…


It’s okay to admit to yourself something didn’t work out. I’m so glad I was able to try something new and get out of my comfort zone. If you know me, you know I’m a home-body and I don’t enjoy change; I really like staying within things that are familiar. NO ONE expected me to move 8 hours away to Los Angeles. But I did, and I’m glad I did because if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have developed the lifelong friendships I have now. I cannot wait for our future plans, I know I won't forget them. My friends made ULV feel like home away from home. 

I have recently been accepted into the University of San Francisco where I hope to continue pursuing my degree. Thank you Her Campus La Verne for having me and for letting me write about things I enjoy. Who knows? Maybe you will see me at the Her Campus USFCA. ;)


Thank you always to Jackie, Mulan, and Javi for letting me be a part of Her Campus. <3