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Hello everybody!

I am back and stressed from my impending doom (a.k.a. college finals). Sooo I got to thinking…. what better way to cope with stress than to eat great food? I mean yeah, I might gain weight, but at least I’ll die with a full stomach. 

Basically, I am blessing you beautiful people with this review so that I could have an excuse to eat out. You’re welcome. 


My food review is on Dolce Bistro and Bakery in Montclair, California. This restaurant is unassuming from the outside because it is in a little strip mall; however, once you walk in, it’s really cute. It is really big inside because the restaurant has a bakery portion, a bar area where you can watch games, and a restaurant area. If you want to keep it casual, you do not have to eat at the restaurant part, you can just grab a coffee and bakery treat, or maybe have a beer (if you’re of age) and just hang out.

Here’s the bakery area (***WARNING: FOOD PORN!)

I’m not even going to lie to you guys, I’ve tried most of these bakery treats, and they are amazing. Their cakes are also beautiful for special occasions. Honestly, I would not come here for the coffee alone; it’s alright, but I’ve had better coffee at other places. 

NOW, on to the dinner menu:

My friend and I ordered “The Melt” burger. Normally they serve their burgers medium rare, so if you don’t like that, just let them know. I got it with a side salad and coffee on the side (since I had to drive an hour back home) and she got hers with some fries. 

The burger legitimately tasted like heaven. My stomach is rumbling as I’m typing this. The burger was juicy, cheesy, and just amazing. I highly recommend trying this one. My coffee was good, but not great. My friend did order a beer, and she really enjoyed it, so if you like craft beer, you might like this restaurant. 


My friend ordered the clam chowder.He said that it was really good. I also tried some and it tasted like a really good soup to enjoy when it’s cold outside. 

That was all that we ordered for the night, and my stomach was satisfied. I then drove home and entered into a food coma. SO, if you guys want some good food at a local restaurant, you should definitely give Dolce a try. It has a really cute atmosphere, so this could also be a really good place to go on a date, or if you are giving dating a break (like me), it’s a great place to eat away your sorrows. 




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