FKA twigs New Album is Definitely Worth A Listen

I'll start by telling everyone to stream MAGDALENE by FKA twigs starting TODAY!

Credit: i-D Vice


This album brings out the feminist way that we are related to one another, impacted through many aspects of our life. Connecting current issues with Mary Magdalene, a woman who was very close with Christ—bringing her contempt, FKA twigs delves into her history and emotional journey based on men. We all say “men are trash,” but FKA twigs alters that viewpoint by addressing her depression, social trauma, internal revelations, and even her sexual awareness. 



The tracklist is as follows:

  1. thousand eyes
  2. home with you
  3. sad day
  4. holy terrain (feat. Future)
  5. mary magdalene
  6. fallen alien
  7. mirrored heart
  8. daybed
  9. cellophane


I love this album. Not only does FKA twigs have a voice that just channels your inner spirit, but her vocals are unbelievably raw! You can feel the emotions behind every word she sings, behind every lyric. Plus, she's already made music videos for four of the nine songs on the album. They each have their eloquent expressions, but I see them intertwining to give the listeners a better understanding of her emotions when making this album. Feel free to take a look at the videos below, and embrace her methods to conveying emotional growth.

"home with you" via YouTube


"sad day" via YouTube


"holy terrain (feat. Future)" via YouTube


"cellophane" via YouTube


Don't sleep on the quality that FKA twigs offers. She has many great songs already out (Two Weeks, Pendulum, Video Girl, Glass & Patron, and more). Take the time to explore her music on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, or Google Play, and see what you like. I'm sure you'll find something worth it.

Remember: It’s one thing to listen to the music, it’s another thing to listen to the message.