Finals Week as an International Student

Finals, last goodbyes, luggage packing, flight arrangements, and saving yourself some breathing space is definitely not easy to manage all at once. The last week of school is a very stressful time for all students. However, as a first-semester international student freshmen, the experience is completely new. The thought of going back home after spending 5 months apart from family is something neither exciting or dreadful. The distinct but overwhelming feeling rushes through my system right after booking the flight back, and it becomes difficult to concentrate on things going on around me.

Everyone loves December. December is the month of showing appreciation, and reminding your loved ones of how special they are and how blessed you are to have them in your life. Everyone wants to spend their holidays with the people they love the most, and when those people live in two different parts of the world, sacrifices are essential.

The University of La Verne is known to having a high international students rate, with people from various different countries across the world. It is the home to hundreds of students who chose to leave their country in attempts to seek higher education.

The last week of school as an international student was bittersweet. With the stress of finals, I still managed to spend some time with my friends that I am going to be leaving behind, until next semester.

After a couple months, it's easy to get adjusted pretty well in the environment. I created another life that became just as valuable as my old one. Going back home to my friends and family means leaving all the new friends I've made behind for a couple weeks. The reminiscence of the first few weeks flood over me with excitement.

In order to better understand the circumstance, a few first-semester international freshman at the University of La Verne have been interviewed about how they feel during the last week of school.  

Jen Ning Quan said, "Well, it certainly feels as if the semester has gone by so quickly. I’m extremely excited to be able to have a little wee bit more leisure time to explore LA or the country. This last week of school is sort of strange, because I have all these papers and tests but pushing myself to work in this different environment is a little hard to adjust to, even after having spent a whole semester here already. The finals period right now feels like a beginning of these same cycles for the next four years, but also when I put it into perspective, it doesn’t seem that long."

- Jen Ning Quan, English and Theatre major from Singapore


Gaia Breccia shared, "My last week has been difficult, and not because it's finals week (because compared to the IB this is nothing) but because I have to organize packing all my stuff and arrange my travels for home. Also after finally getting comfortable with the culture and social environment, I'm a little scared to go home and not be used to the environment there anymore. And because I'll be staying there for a month, I'm worried I'll get use to it too fast and then re orient myself all over again once I come back here."

- Gaia Breccia, Creative Writing major from Italy


Vicky Peroni said, "I have definitely loved my last week of school here at the University of La Verne. Throughout the semester, I have made plenty international friends that supported me through everything and I wish I could spend Christmas break with all of them, but they're scattered all around the globe. Even though I'm excited to go back home and see my family and friends, I know I'll still miss it here."

- Vicky Peroni, freshmen International Relations and Business Marketing major from Paraguay


Michelle Yang stated, "Dead week here at the University of La Verne is very different from my country. I didn't really expect to have more assignments assigned before the final exam. That really threw me off and made me stress. I am really excited to go home, because it has been a very week. I'm ready to have no responsibilities for a couple weeks."

- Michelle Yang, transfer English major from China



As the international students return to their home, they were all glad to have found their "home away from home" at the University of La Verne.