Explaining the crossovers in The Avengers: Infinity War movie

As La Verne's resident Marvel fangirl, I feel like it's my duty to write at least one (if not more) articles on my favorite superhero franchise: The Avengers.


Ten years of Marvel movies and developing each individual hero's story leads up to this insane crossover of every Marvel Cinematic Universe hero and villain. (Seriously! Chris Hemsworth said there would be over 70 comic book characters making an appearance in the two-part installation to The Avengers storyline.)


Personally, I am both ecstatic and hesitant to watch Infinity War. There's plenty of rumors of favorite characters dying, fan theories of numerous plot outcomes and trailer footage that might not even make it into the actual movie.


I am, however, excited for the integration of the storylines of Thor, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and The Guardians of the Galaxy.


Trailers have shown Thor with his new eyepatch getting smashed by Thanos, the antagonist of the story. Last we've heard, Thor and Loki have left Asgard with the surviving Asgardians on a ship. The post credits of Thor: Ragnarok shows a huge ship blocking the Asgardian ship, and theories state that it is Thanos' fleet. There's also a scene in which Loki steps over dead Asgardian bodies to hand Thanos the Tesseract, which holds one of the infinity stones Thanos is searching for. Can you hear my heart breaking?!?


We also see Thor crashing into the Guardians' ship at the beginning of a trailer, so maybe Thanos destroyed the Asgardian ship and left Thor stranded in space. Oh well, at least Thor gets to make new friends!


Black Panther was released just two months ago, and it has made so many waves in revolutionizing Hollywood. Last time we saw T'Challa, he was making a statement to "open" Wakanda to the world. Post-credits scene also showed a fully recovered Bucky emerging from a hut and talking to Princess Shuri, T'Challa's sister. 


This scene definitely explains why a bearded Captain America came to Wakanda: to pick up his best friend from rehab.


Rumor has it that one of the infinity stones is actually hidden somewhere in Wakanda, so the Wakandans are all fighting to protect their home as well.


And speaking of home, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is on his senior year at Midtown Academy of Science and Mathematics. He's been watching out for the little guy of course but no major Avenger-sized missions quite yet. He gets his big break when he helps keep Thanos' aliens out of New York...and he gets a new suit too!


And where does Doctor Strange fit in all of this? Trailers show Tony talking to Doctor Strange, trying to figure out how to fix the whole Thanos problem. Doctor Strange also holds the Time Stone, one of the six stones Thanos is searching for.


Basically, The Avengers needs everyone's help in keeping Thanos from collecting all six infinity stones and destroying the world. They definitely have their work cut out for them!


I've been waiting for this movie for my whole life, but I don't think my heart will recover from it. AND there's a part two, so there will definitely be a cliffhanger and I'd have to wait EVEN LONGER to find out what happens next.


Good luck to all you fangirls out there! I'll definitely be crying with you on April 27th.



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