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Dorm Decor: Halloween Edition

Halloween time is here! Once midterms are over, you can finally focus on the most important part of October: buying candy in bulk, marathoning scary movies, and decorating your dorm! Yes, we know you’re a broke college student, but there’s plenty of cheap decorations you can buy under $5.

  1. Halloween lights

Buy lights in red, orange, purple, or hot pink (like these guys). Most dorms allow you to use tacks or pushpins, so just hang these up all over your room to create an eerie glow.


  1. Wall stickers

These stickers can give a playful (or scary) look to your room depending on which ones you decide to buy. Plus, they’re really easy to take off without damaging your wall.


  1. Garland

Like lights, you can hang these up around your door or in your room. Garlands are very versatile and can be used to spice up the Halloween spirit anywhere. (Tip: you can also hang up fake spiderwebs and bats for extra spookiness).


  1. Pumpkins

IT’S NOT HALLOWEEN WITHOUT PUMPKINS. Real or fake, pumpkins are a necessary element in the Halloween decorating business.


  1. Window stickers

You can (literally) show off your Halloween spirit with these window gel stickers, and you can recycle them for next year too!


Or you can just use common objects to transform your door! It’s cheap and creative, and you’ll get major creds for pulling it off.

Decorating for Halloween is fun, and there are many ways you can go all out without breaking your wallet. Spend that money on some candy (for you, not for trick-or-treaters)!

Photos by Mulan Novilla and Alyssa Munoz

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