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Don’t Celebrate Halloween? (I know the feeling)

Whether it’s because of your religion, the crazy stuff that happens on Halloween, or you’re just not into it the holiday, you’re reading this probably because you don’t celebrate Halloween. 

Well, me neither.

I remember a time where my family and I would go out in costumes and we would drive to the richest part of town, for the reason being that the richest part of town had all the good candy, and we would get tons of candy with our pillowcases as trick or treat bags. I can remember that I always wanted to be either a pirate, a zombie, or a vampire. It was so much fun just seeing the lights on in the house signaling and yelling out those magic words, “free candy here!” I even remember how at the end of the night we would all meet up at my grandmother’s house and pour out our the candy so we could see what we got and bargin for others. We even would help out and give candy to any late comers as my grandmother wispers to us to make sure to give each person 3 pieces of candy. Then finally concluding our night, we would finish up with a halloween appropriate movie and eat pizza and candy until we would fall asleep on the livingroom floor. It was an amazing tradition.

However, things changed.

This year, we see in the news report that there are legimate scary things that happen on Halloween. The “threats” in the saying of “trick or treat” became instances where people started to find drugs, razor blades and other dangerous objects in the candy. Halloween became more worrisome compared to the desired surplus of candy to dig into it or to bargin a trade, the tradition became a review of each individual candy to check to see if any candy was opened and could be cosidered unsafe. People themselves started acting more crazy. The scary and harmful side of Halloween started to become the main event of the holiday and my mom wasn’t having it. People began to come out saying they were or were worshipping the devil along with demons. As my mother didn’t want to expose her kids to the kind of ruination Halloween had come to. So, the last time I went trick or treating was over 12 years ago.

Now, along with many of you, I now spend my Halloween nights unsure of how to celebrate the occasion. Thankfully you can never go wrong with a good scary movie night, pizza and the extra bag of trick or treating candy that you were supposed to give out but you are now eating instead. Happy Halloween!



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