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Chloe Kim was the first woman to EVER achieve a back-to-back landing 1080’s in 2016 when she was 15 years old at the US Snowboarding Grand Prix. She then won gold at the 2018 Winter Olympics as a 17-year old by landing the same move! You can watch the video here. This was a very proud moment for her as well as her biggest supporter, her father. 

Her father, Jong-Jin Kim, quit his job to focus on training his daughter in becoming the amazing snowboarder that she is now. He was even there to watch her win that gold medal and was so proud of her. 

This young lady has made her family back in Korea so proud of her achievements and represents all of the Asian-Americans here. She inspires me as well to keep working towards my dreams. Chloe Kim is going to create more history as she gets older as well, so look out for her next time wherever she competes!  


A college freshman at La Verne with interests that include going to concerts, running, swimming, and hiking x
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