Captain Marvel Review


If you haven't seen "Captain Marvel" yet and you hate SPOILER ALERTS, this article is not for you! If you don't mind, then please enjoy!

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Marvel returns to the big screen with their latest installment to the long list of movies they've released over the last decade with "Captain Marvel." 

Captain Marvel, wonderfully played by Brie Larson, tells the origin story to Captain Marvel and how she ultimately became the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe. 

The film starts with Captain Marvel, or Vers, as she is know to the Valkeri alien race, having a nightmare about memories she cannot seem to forget. She goes to wake Yon-Rogg, played by Jude Law, to talk and to fight. 

Once Ver has clearance from the Supreme Intelligence, her and a few familiar faces set out on a mission that goes nowhere near perk, and Ver lands smackdab in the middle of a Blockbuster on Earth. 

The Blockbuster and repeated 90s puns throughout the movie did give a good setting for the film and nod to many artists and trends, but seemed overplayed and saturated at one point. 

Here she makes her first encounter with the man himself, Nick Fury, or as he likes to be referred to Fury. Played by none other than Samuel L. Jackson. 

Fury further helps Vers go down a path that helps her discover her real name is Carol Danvers and she has an entire life back on Earth that's been driving her flashback nightmares. 

The film overall did an amazing job boosting Captain Marvel as the most powerful hero in the MCU and set her up for success to bring her back in "The Avengers: End Game."

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The "Captain Marvel" movie itself may not be frame for frame the original story of her origins from her comics, but the film did a great job of giving the audience an action-packed story, while making us laugh with very memorable and nostalgic puns. 

P.S Keep an eye out for the true power of Captain Marvel's cat, Goose!