Campus Cute: Jenna Damon

Jenna Damon, a Biology major at ULV, aspires to be an animal doctor. She loves animals and has a passion for learning and working with animals.


1. Whats your major? and why? What are you passionate about?

"My major is Biology. I find the sciences most interesting and there are a lot of opportunities in the STEM field. I'm passionate about learning and working with animals. "


2. Your favorite quote you put down was "Your best preparation for tomorrow is what you do today." Tell me why.

"I chose that quote because as a Bio major, a lot of time and effort need to be put in to go farther later in life."


3. What are you involved with on campus? How do you manage?

" I plan on working in veterinary medicine after graduation."


4. Why the University of La Verne?

"I chose ULV because of the small class sizes and student teacher relationships."