Campus Celebrity: John Ceja


John Ceja, a freshman business major from Apple Valley, California, takes the University of La Verne in a frenzy. Making friends from left to right while working at Davenport, the campus dining hall, has John known as Mr. Popular at the University. Having a few affiliations on campus with a business fraternity and clubs, John's quirky smile and stylish dress proves to be the recipe of popularity. With his love for Disneyland paired with his love for making friends, John is the talk of the freshman class.

John shares being a freshman is different from life at home. "Being a freshman is weird because I'm still used to being in high school so living on my own in the droms is all so new to me. But the community is great and everything is so nice!"

In terms of making friends, John recommends to "always smile at everyone and say hi to as many people as you can." He always tries to notice what people like and find a common connection. That way, you can start a conversation with them about your common connection. Another tip is to always compliment people because it will brighten someone's day.

"I've made so many frineds form just complimenting people. It's great!" John said.

John's hometown is in Apple Valley, California and he goes back every weekend to spend time with his family. Part of the reason why he is so friendly to everyone is because everyone is friendly to him.

"My hometown is Apple Valley and the difference is that it is a desert area with a little green and La Verne is SO green!" John said excitedly. "The people here are also way nicer. It is so much better here than back home."

On John's spare time, John loves to visit Disneyland with his friends. He says, "I love Disneyland because it brings out the kid in me. It reminds me of my childhood because that is where my family and I would go for vacations!" His hobbies are singing and event planning. He loves to plan parties for his friends and family as he strives to be a future wedding planner post-graduation.

As daily ritual, John has a instagram account dedicated to posting something happy everyday. He hopes to find something to be grateful for everyday and shares what makes him happy.

"Loving myself is something I struggled with in the past, it's really hard to get yourself out of that negative mindset but once you do, you'll get to see how beauitful you really are and it's so much easier living a happy life where you notice all the great things in the world."