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Build Your Connections

No matter the occupation, knowing someone important can get you far. Whether you’re in business, communications, teaching, or biology, the connections you have made in the field can land you not only a job but a career. Having someone on “the inside” can allow you to wiggle your way into something that can build your future.

Most of the time, it’s your best friend that knows of a place that’s hiring or your mom’s coworker Sally has a colleague who could help you get that entry-level job. But what are we to do if your best friend isn’t looking for you and your mom’s coworker doesn’t even care? It’s gotta be a little difficult to know people when you don’t really know people.


A great way to find connections of people you do know is by creating a LinkedIn account. 

Image Credit: Javier Lucatero


LinkedIn is a professional network where job seekers and employers can find what they’re looking for. You are able to create an online portfolio, greater than any other resumé, and connect with colleagues, friends, employers, and more.


Not only will you have access to other accounts with people you know, but you’ll be able to find job opportunities using the LinkedIn Job Board. These jobs can be filtered to find the exact fit just for you. Filters include salary, experience level, the specific industry, or even when the job listing was posted.

Image Credit: Javier Lucatero


LinkedIn connects people within similar fields, allowing members to build their reach within their chosen career. Through LinkedIn, you are able to pursue a professional method to grow.


If you’re interested in creating a LinkedIn profile, furthering your chances in developing professionally, visit LinkedIn and change the ways of making connections. Drop Sally and get the job using LinkedIn!

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