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When we’re kids, the best part about St. Patrick’s Day was wearing green and pinching everyone who wasn’t wearing green. Now that we’re older (21+) we can actually enjoy St. Patrick’s Day the way the Irish do: with lots of food and drinks! Here’s a few places in La Verne and surrounding cities you can turn up tonight:


1. Lordsburg Taphouse & Grill, La Verne

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Located just down D Street, Lordsburg is a popular favorite among ULV students! Drink to your heart’s content as you enjoy some awesome food with your friends!


2. O’ Donovan’s Restaurant & Pub, Pomona

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A true Irish pub located in an industrial building setting, this place is definitely perfect for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!


3. The Press Restaurant, Claremont

(via Claremont Courier)

Live music, great food and affordable drinks make this place worth trying! Plus, it’s just 20 minutes away from La Verne!


4. Bardot, Claremont

(via communityfoodie.com)

This is a hot new place located in the heart of Claremont frequented by college students and community members alike! The restaurant has a beautiful outdoor patio, and great food & drinks to match!



We suggest limiting yourself to two beers and one shot if you’re planning on visiting more than one place tonight. Don’t forget to have your Uber app ready, and a trustworthy best friend to help if things get messy! Enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day!

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