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Anything can happen at the Night Show

For the first time in Lavernapalooza’s 7 year history, the original headliner Flakey (oops I mean Fetty!) Wap cancelled a week prior to the end of the year concert. The OSL, Fox Pomona Theater and the University of La Verne panicked, and even considered cancelling the highly anticipated event. Luckily, CAB and ASULV found the perfect performer to take Wap’s place, Travi$ Scott. Scott single handedly made this Lavernapalooza one for the books by starting a riot against the security, coming through the audience and hyping up audience members, who only knew one song on May 5.  

Scott was not kidding when he claimed “anything can happen at the night show” in his second single and highest rated song “Antidote”. The day of fiestas, Cinco de Mayo, was clouded with anticipation and judgement over this year’s Lavernapalooza. Lavernapalooza is consistently crowded with backlash and complaints of students who prefer alternative or anything other than hip hop performers. Of course the numbers do not lie and majority of the University of La Verne students believed that hip hop was the better option. Many students agree with the notion that, if you prefer a small time name band to headline the most ignited (lit) time in the University of La Verne’s history than you might as well sit at home and watch them on your computer. Lavernapalooza is the time of many La Verne’s student’s lives. The freshmen finally get to have a taste of the college concert celebrity life, and the upperclassmen get to live it up with their friends, legally of course. When the polls were in and hip hop was the choice, Fetty Wap became the original headliner. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, a lack of care for a binding contract and not even a statement from him, the Jersey based rapper cancelled.


It was announced that the openers were LA Leakers aka Cali natives DjSourMilk and his brother DjJustinCredible. The DJ’s are known for disk jockeying for L.A.’s mega station, Power 106 fm, “Where Hop Hop Lives”. They also have had their own musical success from performing alongside Kanye West, Kid Ink, Sage the Gemini and more. As openers, the LA Leakers killed it and kept the audience hype by playing songs they were familiar with. The voices and beats of Future, Kanye West and OT Genasis filled the Fox Pomona Theater. The DJ’s were great openers by preparing the audience for what was to come next.

Rumors filled the university about the mystique and craziness from Scott’s previous performances. Scott currently was in Los Angeles as the opener for Rihanna’s ANTI tour and his reputation proceeded him as one of the coolest performers ever. Music played in the background as the curtains slid open to reveal a terminator/Travi$ Scott head, and a terminator rodeo themed setting. “We Want Travis” chants filled the theater as security was extremely enforced. From left to right security was grabbing students and dragging them out of the pit sections when they felt necessary, making the ambiance extremely uncomfortable. When Scott came out, he could barely finish his opening performance when he noticed the amount of room in the pit section compared to the extremely crowded terrace section. He welcomed the terrace section to come to the pit, however the security would tackle them and drag them out of the theater ruthlessly. Finally, Scott had enough and walked off the stage igniting a small riot against the security. As the terrace section was filled with frustration and chants from the pit section grew, the terrace section, all at once, ran down the ramp tackling any obstacle in their way. Pleased with the efforts people were taking to see him, Scott came back out to perform an amazing setlist from his album “Rodeo”. “Maria I’m Drunk”, “90210” and “Pornography.”


The audience was the wildest anyone has ever seen in Lavernapalooza history. This year had crowd surfing, mosh pits and even Scott performing partially in the terrace section. Scott threw down his jacket, hopped into the audience and made his way to the rails of the terrace. The audience went wild, for this has never happened before and no Lavernapalooza artist has ever showed the full audience this much love and appreciation before. On the rails, the beat began for the song that almost everyone was familiar with “Antidote”. “Don’t you open up that window”, the audience shouted. From the pit to the balcony, Scott gave a great performance for everybody. Whether it be his talent, drama or need to make sure everyone is having fun during his show, his passion was seen throughout the theater.

After Scott finished, the audience wanted more and crowded the streets of Downtown Pomona still energized. During that time CAB and ASULV got the opportunity to meet and take a photo with Scott. Even though I walked out of the concert with about two bruises and a headache, I can honestly say this is the craziest concert I have ever been to in my entire life. Also, I would have never thought I would had ever said that at a La Verne concert. Scott put on a great performance and officially placed the University of La Verne on the map by claiming himself that La Verne is a crazy school and he appreciated our crowd for rocking with him. Thus ending the night perfectly to a crazy chaotic week. 

Autumn Simon is a journalism major at the University of La Verne in California. She is an aspiring publicist. She is a movie junkie and is interested in all things Disney. While she isn't in class she is multicultural chair on the Campus Activity Board, publicist of Shades of Essence, a part time Cast Member at Disneyland, a writer for La Vouge and a writer for the campus' magazine and newspaper.
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