Amazing and Achievable Easter Egg Designs!

Easter probably isn't on the radar for being everyone's favorite holiday, but I personally think it's a super cute and fun day to get together with friends or family and eat lots a sweets, do crafty stuff, and decorate eggs. But, I know it can get boring pretty fast if you're not too artsy and all you know how to do or all you have accessible is to add color. So, with that in mind, here are some do-able and creative ways you can spice up your Easter egg designs this year and look like a professional!  




1. Use A Stencil

With a stencil, you can choose the silhouette of any design you would like. From there you can paint, or mark, your egg in any way you would like to add to the visual effect of your intended decoration.





2. Fresh Out Of Ideas? Get Inspiration From The Little Things

If you honestly have no idea what next cool designs or drawings to add onto your eggs? Channel your inner artist and just look around! Gain motivation from the things around you, such as food, animals, flowers, whatever you like- you never know, it may end up looking like the most awesome egg in the basket.





3. Use Any Supplies/Materials That Are Just Hanging Around

This one will actually leave you with some really cool results without a doubt! Sometimes all it takes is a random object to assist your craftsmanship in order to create a design that you  maybe had no intention of creating in the first place. 





4. Refer To Your Favorite Characters

Feeling nostalgic? I challenge you to attempt recreating some of your favorite characters through these Easter eggs! They may not be completely accurate, but it sure will be fun and essentially humorous, so why not?!


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For more inspiration, DIY, and general ideas that you would like to see, my number one favorite place to check out any sort of holiday crafts (or just anything really) is of course Pinterest. I would personally recommend that if you want to check out more examples of Easter egg decorations or how to do them, definitely check out Pinterest for more variety and endless possibilities. But I warn you to be cautious: one can end up stuck scrolling through Pinterest forever--take it from me! Have fun with all your Easter plans, eat all the sweets you want, be creative, and don't forget that you're never too old to decorate some eggs...they'll come out egg-celent!