7 Techniques To Be A Successful College Student

I have compiled a super helpful list of tips and tricks used by myself, my roommates, and my friends. If you want to become a more efficient worker and learn to live life smarter not harder, keep reading!

  1. 1. Delete Social Media Whenever Necessary

    This is one that my best friend and I do quite often. It’s so easy to get sucked into social media and waste time procrastinating more important priorities. It’s too easily accessible and can really create a bad habit. We delete our apps for a few days at a time to focus on homework and studying and work until we’re in a better headspace. In my opinion, social media is a privilege and it is my “reward” for a week of hard work. For example this week, I kept social media off my phone until Thursday afternoon when I had finished my midterm. If you really want to get serious, I highly recommend deleting Netflix and YouTube because those are also a huge time waster.

  2. 2. Use Time Management

    This is a big one! It’s so much better and more manageable to write a page a day of 5-page essay two weeks in advance than to write it all at once! When you work on assignments over time by working slowly but steadily, you can finish them early and work on revisions and get feedback. Doing homework in advance can act as a great study tool in the future. Use time wisely and in an organized fashion.

  3. 3. Create Schedules and "To-Do" Lists

    This is an awesome tool I began using very early on in college and even high school. On Sunday evenings, I like to sit down and write an email to myself that includes a day-by-day schedule for the upcoming week. On this email, I also include my to-do list and all homework I would like to finish. Sometimes I even print it out so I can physically check things off and feel more accomplished! Using this schedule, I am able to use all my time to its optimum potential and really use every gap for miscellaneous tasks!

  4. 4. Self Care

    I know this an obvious one but it’s so important to mention. It’s okay to schedule some face masks and Netflix into your schedule. Make sure to include eating times and some sort of exercise. It’s beyond valuable to have outlets for stress and to have time to think about lighter things. Journaling, going on outdoor walks, and doing yoga have honestly helped me keep my sanity through my first year of college.

  5. 5. Have Designated Study Spots

    It’s very important to have the best environments to do homework, projects, essays, and studying. Studying on your bed isn’t always the best because you may want to get comfy or strain your neck with no back support sitting up. It’s nice to get out of the house or dorm environment to go to a café. A change of scene can really increase your focus and enthusiasm for productivity. Having a special spot in the library or creating a space in your room or dorm is great as well! I particularly like to put some energizing scents in my diffuser such as citrus or mint and then I turn on some study music (I like instrumental music and nature sounds on YouTube). I like to open the blinds and windows to really turn on my focus and brighten my mood.

  6. 6. Study Wisely

    When a big test is coming up, it’s wise to make study guides, flashcards, and quizlets. Quizlet is a great tool that is very portable. When you have free time between classes, you can study in little increments. Studying for a little bit day by day is very efficient to boosting your memory and knowledge. Studying in groups is also a good option. It helps to have a set time and place with people who stay on task and motivate you to you fullest.

  7. 7. Reach Out For Help

    Most colleges have tutoring centers that are free to students. Most professors have office hour and reply quickly to emails. Take ADVANTAGE!!! Asking professors questions, going over problems, requesting feedback on essays and projects in advance are all so valuable and can boost your grade significantly. Tutors are being PAID to help you. You don’t even have to be confused on something to get help of another peer tutor who is knowledgeable in that field. This is one of the best ways to get your money’s worth out of college and really further your education.

All in all, I hope that these tips have helped you learn a thing or two on some strategies you could begin to implement into your college lifestyle in order to be successful on your college journey! Always remember, you can do anything that you set your mind to!