6 things to help get you through the semester

We know, the semester is hard. Especially now with mid-terms, registration and a long stretch until winter vacation. BUT we have some items, courtesy of the Her Campus Survival Kits and our lovely sponsors, that will make the last few weeks a bit more bearable. 

1. Erin Condren Journal: Who doesn't love journals? Well Erin Condren takes everyone's love for journals to the next level. With mood brightening colors, confidence boosting quotes and the perfect sized days of the week, this is a must-have! Staying organized is essential to keep that GPA up in these last few weeks, a journal is your guide to organization. 

2.Freeman Face Masks: Wash the stress away with these rejuvenating and deep cleansing face masks. Perfect after a long day of work and school, everyone needs some time to de-stress, do it with a face mask! With just 10 minutes you can wash away the day.

3.Steripod: This genius invention will keep your toothbrush clean and comes with thymol vapors so it isn't exposed to any airborne contaminants. No more drying off your toothbrush before throwing it in your bag, just clip on a Steripod and you have the perfect toothbrush protector for traveling. 

4. Aeropostale accessories: Sure we're studying a lot, but accessorizing is relevant any time of the year. You do better when you feel confident. These Aeropostale products are on trend and sure to help you feel like a #10. From sunglasses and chokers to wallets and earrings, you can find something no matter what your go-to accessory item usually is. 

5.Sublime Bronze by L'oreal: With winter break approaching, the sun isn't coming out as often. That means our stunning summer tans are slowly subsiding. But Submlime Bronze self tanning towelettes are a quick solution to feeling paler than usual.

6. Dry Shampoo: Last but DEFINITELY not last. Late night studying and early morning classes don't make great timing for showering. Don't worry, I'll say it so you don't have to: No one has time to shower anymore. TIGI bed head dry shampoo will help you look like you have it together a little more than some of your classmates, but let's be real, we're all in the same boat.

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