5 Ways we Feel About Senior Year

Senior year is full of conflicting emotions. From full on excitement to be done with homework, to sadness that the college experience is coming to an end, senior year is definitely bittersweet.

Here are just five of the ways we feel about senior year (as told by our favorite TV characters of course).

1. 100% ready to take senior year on. Just like Blair we can take on anything that comes our way!

2. Why are our professors assigning so much work, we just want to enjoy our last year!

3. Pass us a drink Chad, we're going to need it to push through the homework when all we really want is to party.

4. How do we only have a few months left in college? Three years of our lives, so many great memories, so sentimental!

5. Feeling absolutely terrified about post-graduation life. Job please!

Seniors! How are you feeling about your last year?