5 Things You'll Need To Survive The Endgame

Mark this weekend as the funeral for many Marvel fans--cause of death: Avengers: Endgame.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe closes Phase 3 with this film to end all films, leaving fans in an unexplainable state as they search for even more answers.

Will we survive the Endgame? Probably not, but you can be prepared with your very own Endgame Survival Kit!

  1. 1. Battle suit (aka the Marvel shirt)

    Every Avenger has their own battle suit, and yours can be your Marvel shirt! Rep your fave superhero, or the team as a whole. BoxLunch and Hot Topic have a great collection of affordable graphic tee, tanks and hoodies to support your faves! 

  2. 2. Comms Device (aka the phone case)

    You gotta stay in contact with your team at all times, which means protecting your phone is a must (just in case you *accidentally* throw it in frustration). Keep it safe with this stylish (and totally customizable) case from Shop Disney!

  3. 3. Supply pack (aka the bag)

    Carry all your mission essentials (comms device, Avengers I.D. card, snacks, and lots of tissues) in your supply pack! Shop Marvel offers a variety of tote bags, duffels, wallets and more in your fave superhero styles. 

  4. 4. Rocket Boots (aka the kicks)

    You can't fly without your signature kicks! Adidas recently launched their collaboration with Marvel just in time for Endgame. Rock your fave character kicks to the theaters!

  5. 5. Sidekick (aka the pillow)

    Whether you're going on a solo mission or with the team, you can't survive the Endgame without your sidekick. Epic Pillow Fight makes superhero sidekicks customized just for you! Redbubble also offers your standard sized throw pillow with tons of designs.

Once you've got your essentials, you're all set for the mission! Happy viewing and please... #DontSpoilTheEndgame.