5 Hottest Tracks To Kick Off Your Summer

There's only three weeks left until we're FINALLY out of school, and our favorite artists have already released some great summer hits! Play these tunes and feel the summer vibes while getting those last projects in!

  1. 1. I Don't Care - Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber

    Literally released just a few days ago, the collaboration between Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber was something I didn't know I needed. The fresh beat, the smooth harmonies and the meaningful lyrics make you forget that you're still stuck in school (:

  2. 2. If I Can't Have You - Shawn Mendes

    I LOVE Shawn Mendes and he never fails to release a hit just in time for the summer. This season's all about upbeat music with (slightly lonely) lyrics, and I'm definitely going to blast this in my car with the windows down singing about my lost, non-existent love. 

  3. 3. ME! - Taylor Swift & Brandon Urie

    TSwizzle makes a powerful comeback with Brandon Urie, another collaboration we didn't know we needed. This music video also gives all the summer vibes with bright colors and fun choreography.

  4. 4. Cool - Jonas Brothers

    I've been waiting for this comeback MY WHOLE LIFE and we're all being blessed by every new song the JoBros release. This particular song gives me ~cool~ vibes, and I visualize myself by the poolside sipping a drink.

    Also, the JoBros are going on a tour! YES.

  5. 5. Saturday Nights - Khalid & Kane Brown remix

    Khalid is the KING of summer, and this remix of his classic song is a great way to close this playlist out.

Happy listening!